A painting by Ihnna Han for her book “Where the rainbow ends”

I was born and raised in Korea. Being an artist, astrophysicist, comedian, or doctor was my childhood dream. In real life, I majored in math and spent most of my career developing software. My specialty was creating new ways to connect and communicate between software and hardware platforms of all kinds. I had a knack for solving the communication problems in the computer world. 

Before I was introduced to essential oils, I thought I was doing fine, but eventually I discovered that stress had taken over my life. I cried, prayed, and read many books to find the answer without even knowing the right questions. 

But when at last I tried using essential oils, I felt a change, and I decided to delve into their world to understand them better. It was much harder than I expected, even though my mind was science-oriented. One day, however, I played with some of the oils. I smelled them one by one and imagined how I would do an abstract water color painting representing each scent. I was painting the water colors on my mental canvas just as I had when a child and wrote down the colors I saw for different oils. What surprised me was that each of these colors was an exact match to the oil‘s aura color that had been captured by a special camera. 

I had been living in the world of logic and mind and slowly learned to embrace the world of feelings in my heart and intuition. The two worlds seemed so far apart in the beginning, but slowly the gap closed for me. I experience much less stress and am far more at peace. I have learned that the software of the mind can be rewritten, freeing us from limiting thoughts. 

For each stressful emotion that we can experience, I have spent a year or more coming up with a blend of essential oils that is just right. I ask you to use your own feelings to verify them for yourself. 

Can you imagine how the world would be if we all relaxed a bit more and embraced each other a bit more? Just one breath at a time. It is not matter of will, but willingness to try is all that is required.

Lani Williams
These oil blends pushed me that much further and likely helped me get to a better place much quicker.

Martha Graves
I had been feeling down and disconnected for several days, crying one day out of frustration at not knowing how to pull out of it.


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