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Maria Alarcon - Regular  / Occupation: Licensed clinical psychologist
First and foremost, I started applying Ihnna's essential oils in 2010 on an intermittent basis. As time progressed, I found myself appying the oils on a more regular basis. I was astounded by the efficacy of the healing power of the oils. I became aware of the significant transformation in myself. By history, I used to be very angry and stressed. Now, I am more peaceful, calm, and loving.
As psychologists, the treatments we provide are psychotherapy and psychotropic medication medication management (if needed). Given my personal experience and growth with Ihnna's essential oils, Ihnna's essential oils is are definitely a positive alternative treatment for depression, anger, stress, loneliness, etc. The result is significantly transforming, mentally and spriritually.
I would recommend Ihnna's Essential Oils to everyone.
Maria Alarcon, Ph.D., HSPP
Licenced Clinical Psychologist

K. Morgan  - Regular  / Occupation: Reiki Master, Energetic Healer, Life Coach
Ihnna has a way of moving through the energetic body and clearing out emotional trauma.
She is fearless and more than kind. It is as though she is holding onto your heart and comforting you continuously so you are able to finally let go of the past leaving no trace of any harmful memories. Ihnna creates the necessary space to allow you to safely heal, comforting yet gently pulling you through all life's disappointments and difficulties.

Ihnna's oils are amazing and contain the perfect amount of love, compassion, joy, and even tears to rectify and counteract anything absorbed into the human energy field while traveling on life's path. They are of the very highest vibration, each created for a specific purpose and they seem to know their intention and go directly about doing the job they were created to do.

These oils make my body vibrate evenly (without the energy getting stuck or slowing anywhere), they open my heart, clear my head, wake me up, push me to the next level, and make me feel really good too - happy, and as though I can handle anything with increased mental clarity.

Much gratitude to you Ihnna for holding a space of healing, for your perseverance and tireless dedication in creating such beautiful and effective products. I often hear that our thoughts, beliefs, and expectations create our world and I am so very grateful that you have dedicated your life to helping so many people find a way to clear the path and create a better life and a better world for us all. Thank you so very much for being that conduit of love, for making a wish with a pure heart and staying with your dream.


K. Morgan
Reiki Master, Energetic Healer, Life Coach

Ashleigh Antle - Regular  / Occupation: Art Consultant/Artist
The biggest gift I received from my time with Ihnna was the feeling of pure relaxation. I truly felt myself calm down, stop worrying about anything unnecessary, and she used some techniques I've never thought to use before. She helped me let go of anything I was holding onto that might have been holding me back in life. Ihnna is incredibly kind and she wants you to feel like yourself.

Caron Ward - Regular  / Occupation: Hypnotherapist/ Life Coach/ Writer
It is with deep understanding of the power of intention-- and intuition-- that the Shaman creates the many-faceted healing path,imbuing, infusing their art, their curatives, with Something from Another Realm. So it is with Ihnna Han's oils.
The implications are huge.

To understand the sheer potential of these oils to restore, heal, intuit and transform, you MUST understand that they are created intuitively, with a level of understanding originating in another plane of consciousness. From the level of the Collective Conscious, Ihnna is "distilling" for the individual the Higher Self qualities of: Unconditional Love, Innocence, Forgiveness, Power, Manifestation and Transformation (to name a few) as ethereal essences in physical form.
Coupled with her unique, uncanny ability to sense the specific area needing restoration within the individual (often with just a glance), Ihnna works on a profound level, a precognitive level. This is why, when I use the oils for myself in my own meditation or in my hypnosis practice with my clients, I know I am working with the Essence of Higher Consciousness, and can feel the difference in a palpable way. The energy is lighter and the frequency higher. This is why there is absolutely NO comparison.

This is the work of the Shaman.

And while one might purchase oils from a health store or even (horrors!)a Big Box store, in the end, all they have is something that smells good.
Think "chemically engineered air freshener".

Janyelle Huff - Professional  / Occupation: Intuitive Healing Woman/ Life Coach
Amazing! One time use of oil with Ihnna and my life has been forever changed. She knew exactly which oil and technique and blessing for was for me. Within seconds, my breathing, mental and spiritual changed and elevated to a higher level in vibration and more! Thank you Ihnna, I am excited to work with you more.

Isabel Hundt - Regular  / Occupation: Financial & Relationship Coach
Ihnna is amazing at what she does. I had a brief session with her about her oils.
Within seconds she saw what emotions were holding me back in truly living the life we all deserve. With great intuition and her special oils, I was able to calm down immediately!!! I could literally feel the change that happened within me which was amazing! Thank you so much for this wonderful experience, Ihnna!!

Dr. Maria Alarcon - Professional  / Occupation: Licensed Psychologist

This letter comes with strong encouragement to experience the spiritual gains you can achieve through Essence for Life, which is lead by Ihnna Han, an Aroma Zen Therapist who also specializes in Sound Therapy.
I highly recommend Ihnna Han’s therapy, which is extremely unique in its healing power.
Essence for Life utilizes a Naturalistic approach to healing through naturalistic oils created to manage the following: Stress, chronic pain, physical bruises, depression, anxiety, emotional and/or physical trauma, buried feelings, and any addiction(s). It is important that a person feel their own feelings in order to move forward with life. There are many people that walk through life in denial of their feelings, which can result in unhealthy, maladaptive life patterns that suppress their feelings (e.g., drug and/or alcohol abuse, excessive cigarette smoking, eating disorders such as bulimia, anorexia, and binge eating, sexual addiction, gambling, internet addiction, being a workaholic, etc.). With Ihnna’s therapy, one can better learn to identify, accept, and cope with such unhealthy, maladaptive life patterns.
Prior to my first session with Ihnna, I was filled with job stress,
financial stress, anxiety regarding the future, and physical pain. Ihnna’s application of her oils helped me to better manage specific symptoms. By the end of the first session, I felt like a new woman.” There is a healing component to Ihnna’s therapies, not only with her Aroma Therapy, but also with her Sound Therapy. Diaphragmatic breathing is strongly encouraged Sound Therapy sessions in order to promote relaxation.
My first and second session in Ihnna’s Sound Therapy was very healing as I experienced the sounds resonate through my relaxed body and mind. Ihnna’s Sound Therapy can either elicit a much needed emotional release and/or deep relaxation. Again, I felt like a new woman.
All my mind and body tension was gone. Thus, by enrolling in Essence for Life, you, too, can experience the inducement of relaxation of both mind and body as well as the release of emotional tension.
Let us take, for example, the experience of crying. A person may cry for many reasons, depending on the circumstance (e.g., loss of a job, loss of a home, loss of a car, death of a loved one, loss of a pet, loss of independence, divorce, physical pain, trauma, joy, etc.). Yet crying can also be elicited by difficult emotions that have been suppressed for some time.
Thus, one of the numerous benefits of Essence for Life is the opportunity to unlock and let go of suppressed feelings. When you surrender to your emotions, you win. Crying is a sign of healing.
Also, by experiencing Ihnna’s therapies, you can learn to love yourself. Through positive change, you can only grow. Ultimately, the goal is to connect with God the Holy Spirit.
Q: What did I learn from this journey thus far?
A: I learned there are alternative ways (Ihnna’s oil and sound therapy) to experience relaxation. And in the future, my need to
further explore and feel my feelings.

Q: What do I want to know about myself?
A: I want to know why I cannot fully feel my feelings beyond a certain level. Perhaps these feelings have been suppressed as a defense against fear, shame, remorse, or guilt. I am confident that Ihnna’s therapeutic approach will help me find the answer.

Q: What do I need to know more of?
A: I would like to know more about the change mechanism
involved in the experiential release of difficult emotions so as to enhance any future release of difficult emotions, process them, and let go.


1. What brings you to Essence for Life?
2. What are you feeling?
3. What do you need?
4. What do you want?
5. What do you want to know about yourself?
In closing, I thank you for your interest in Essence for Life and

I hope you take this opportunity to participate in this transformational and

healing experience.


Shannon Gross - Regular  / Occupation: Healer
As a healer, I find these oils a very gentle and natural complement to my energy and body work both for others and myself. Their extremely high quality and vibration are rare, even among other therapeutic grade essential oils. And although they work on multiple levels ? energetic, emotional, physical to name a few ? their beauty lies in the fact that anyone can use them successfully.

Ihnna has a rare gift for knowing ?feeling, rather? the essential oil keynotes that fit for each individual. When she approached me with what she called the spirit of me ? in oil form ? I was open to the idea, but certainly not prepared for what I was to find. Opening the bottle was like embracing an old friend or, more accurately, a lost part of myself. Working with Joy of Innocence has been a joy, and has helped me integrate and welcome home parts of myself that I?d long since forgotten. I have every faith that this experience awaits each person who works with Essence for Life oils in reclaiming their wholeness.

One of the great benefits of these oils is the opportunity that comes with them ? that of working with their originator, Ihnna Han. I find it remarkable that we have the gift of learning from the woman who knows the most about these oils and their healing properties. Everything from matching the right oil with the right person to demonstrating the proper technique for the highest results is accomplished with sensitivity, grace and the utmost care.

Susannah - Regular 
Ihnna and I took a journey through my self-conscious to find the event(s) that caused me all of my troubles. After reliving the experiences together, we started the process of forgiving. When situations occur now, that would have normally caused me anxiety, now I can take a deep breath and discuss them with others without having to feel all the pain. I have forgiven myself. I no longer feel the pain of the past.

I thank Ihnna for taking me through this journey and setting my demons free.
Ihnna continues to be a friend to me and a source of comfort.

Kelly M Berg - Regular  / Occupation: Dog groomer, Healer
My 9 year old son was very upset and depressed. I talked with him, mentioned a few things we could do together, none which he had any interest in. He has been i n terested in oils for as long as I can remember, so getting him to try one wasn't difficult. I picked up the Chingoo oil and put a drop on his wrist. He put his wrist together, then I asked him to breath in the essence 3x. The change in my son was immediate. Energetically his whole aura shifted. The depression lifted immediatly. We got up walked into the other room, he picked up his ipod downloaded a song and was singing away. The oils are truly amazing!!! They work!

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