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Keith Hancock - Regular  / Occupation: Minstrel
Over the resent 2012 Solstice, Ihnna lead a sound meditation experience using crystal bowls, a Shanti and her voice to aid about 20 people in a deep and profound individualized sound journey (at Rainbow Farm). With the added benefit of her essencial oils this journey was one most of us will not forget. Mine was my own experience . . . no better or no worse than any other persons. I saw a hugh beam of light and at first I was afraid because I thought (it might end this life on earth for me) and then the light went by me like a rocket ship and I was very disappointed. Then I saw the beam of light (kind of like a tornado) and it came down and rested in my heart where I had asked for some heart mending. Yes, there was hugh and strong emotion during this time period but no one knew it (just me in my meditation) and tears flowed and the glory of living was felt and some faith was restored in my body, mind and heart. Thank you!

Denise Marie Kopski - Regular  / Occupation: Homeopath doctor
Ihnna and I have been working together for four years now, on a healing spiritual level as friends.

I would like to tell you how wonderful Ihnna’s oils are. First of all my history – I was injured in 2005 and rare RSD (reflex sympathetic dystrophy). I am a Homeopathic doctor and also practice naturopathic medicine and colon therapy. So my problem I was left with my arms itch every night waking me up. This has been going on ever since injury. So Ihnna sends me in mail one of her oils to try (Jung – pure love and compassion). I’m on the phone as she tells me how to put Jung on my arms. Within 28 minutes the itching stops. You have to understand, I have tried everything to stop this issue! The healing took only 28 minutes. I have been using Jung oil for three days now and my arms aren’t itching. I also went through a transformation on a spiritual level, I could feel a calm go through my being and I became very calm.
I would recommend anyone to try this oil if you have issue in mind, body or sprit. It can help with emotional issues also.
Thank you.
Denise Marie Kopski

Chriss Cheatham - Regular  / Occupation: Business Owner
I am so thankful to have the Essence for Life oils in my toolbox for healthy living. When I am experiencing interrupted sleep, or restless nights, I reach for my oil in my nightstand drawer and apply. The combination of the oil and deep breathing clears my mind, releases tension in my head and body, and allows me to drift into a restful sleep.

I have also found that an Essence for Life oil calms my thunderstorm-skittish canine companion. She has developed this fear over the last several years, and when a storm is approaching and/or in full force, she shakes and becomes timid. I place just a couple drops on my fingertips and then gently stroke her face and body, allowing her to breath in the scent of the oil.........and the shaking subsides. What a gift.

LeaAnn Koekenberg - Regular  / Occupation: Educator
Ihnna and her oils are extremely amazing. It only take a drop...

Priscilla Borges - Regular  / Occupation: Designer and singer
Ihnna is a beautiful woman and extremely gifted soul who, in a very short session during a retreat, helped me to connect with my inner self, making me feel incredibly happy, light and energized.
I am hoping to connect more with her soon, but meanwhile I want to recommend her to you. I deeply believe she has the wisdom to help anyone.

Thank you again for opening up my heart and letting me see myself as I am.

Jennie Byers - Professional 
I have been spiritually moved by Ihnna Han. I knew Ihnna for over a year before ever having a session with her, so although we had created a friendship, I was never fully aware of the extent of her amazing gift. My own spiritual journey started 23 years ago. I was guided by a very spiritually connected mother who spent most of her life helping others as well as me to awaken to the endless possibilities and power of love. I have experienced healings, journey’s, readings, and awakenings throughout my lifetime. What I experienced with Ihnna is a gift of her spirit that she has chosen to share with others during her lifetime. Ihnna has the gift of sight. She “sees” beyond the human shell into the heart and soul of others. It isn’t the gift alone that is so amazing, it is what Ihnna has chosen to do with her gift that I have the highest admiration for. Ihnna’s ability comes with a great responsibility. Her own journey has been one of great self reflection and introspection which has brought her to a place of self love, through which she is able to stay in a vibration of love, understanding, and openness with others as well in order to facilitate such a powerful transformation.

My first session was 30 minutes in length, but in that short time I was taken on a journey within that was very profound and liberating. It has only been in the last few years that I have understood and experienced what it means to truly connect with source energy, our higher selves, our soul, God, or whatever label we choose to give it. I travel 9 hours to a retreat in the mountains every few months so I can experience this
connection, away from the stress of my daily life. Although I have moments of peace and quiet daily, I find it difficult to center myself in such a pure, clear, love vibration. When Ihnna began her session with me, I recognized that familiar vibration of love and clarity I experience only during my retreat in the mountains. Her guidance was very powerful and comforting as she eased my state of consciousness through my emotions and into my higher self. From there I was able to experience the clarity I needed to answer my own questions and experience a state of peace and knowing. From the moment Ihnna looked at me she could “see” where I was experiencing a disconnection from the love inside of me and my inability break through…the parts of me that were afraid to “go there”. It was through her love and understanding I was able to let go and go there with her rather than alone. She took my hand and guided me through my temporary state of confusion into the light. What an amazing experience! There wasn’t a lot of talking necessary because she could already see and feel where I needed to go and how I needed to get there. There was nothing I needed to do other than to allow and trust the love to guide me to the love inside of me. It sounds very simple but I find this to be one of the most difficult things for me as well as others to do in their lives. We disconnect from our spirit/God within us, and are.

Lani Williams - Professional 
When I first started using Ihnna’s oil blends I was in a very unhealthy place in my life, in a marriage that wasn’t working for me. I was working very hard to improve my life, including intensive therapy, but I needed a little more help. These oil blends pushed me that much further and likely helped me get to a better place much quicker. I remember noticing how much more difficult my day usually was when I had forgotten to use them.

I used them a few times a day (as needed) and found more and more courage to be true to myself with each passing day. For me, this is one of the greatest attributes of these blends. It almost doesn’t matter which one you use—they seem to deepen the connection for me with my self, my thoughts, my feelings. I am sure people respond uniquely to these oils, but for me, most of them bring calmness, awareness, and this deeper connection to the self in relation to whatever emotion or event is happening at that moment.

By no means have these oils been the only source of healing energy for me, but they were indeed essential paired with my own awareness and work I’ve been doing over the years.

My life has gone through many transformations since I began using these oils. I no longer use them every day, only when needed. I have had continuous workdays of high stress where these oils were essential to remaining as calm as possible and not losing control. I would notice when I’d forgotten to use the oil mostly by measure of a more difficult time dealing with stress at work. If you are a woman, I can equate it to
premenstrual happenings. Personally, when I am premenstrual, it’s much more challenging for me to deal with a situation that might be no easy to handle when I’m not premenstrual. J These oils for me help make situations easier to handle.

Mostly, I now use the oils for special occasions, when I need a little extra help, and for performances. I am a musician and find I don’t like to perform without them. ;) They are my talisman and my crutch. When I use them, I feel more connected to the music on a deeper level. I can dig deeper within myself and I have more faith and courage to try new things rather than rely on what I know is a safe musical path. That being said, I am fairly good at getting deep into the music and letting myself try new things. It’s just that it’s easier when I use these oils. I have been using these essential oil blends for at least 10 years, likely more, and I hope never to be without them. Thank you, Ihnna, for making them. J I hope you never stop.

Jane Wolfe - Professional 
I have been to several of Ihnna's singing bowl sessions and enjoyed them and the people who attend very much. She also works with essential oils and teas with her clients. But, Monday, I experienced another aspect of Ihnna's healing gift. I had a session with her Monday in her delightful treatment room. Another gifting in Ihnna that I discovered has to do with her intuition and ability to help people access and deal with past hurts. I am not new to therapies that help you get in touch with the subconscious mind. For those of you who are not familiar with these therapies, the subconscious mind is where all the hurts and things that hinder us reside all tucked away neatly with a great price attached. The subconscious thinks it is doing us a favor by storing all those memories there so we remember not to do, think or feel these things again. In essence, the subconscious irrationally takes us captive to these perceived negatives and prevents us from experiencing them in any positive way. It literally stops and stunts our growth in these areas. Many illnesses, crushing failures, unhappiness and every other negative thing you can think of can be traced there. These stored remembrances poison our future and are often seemingly and inextricably related to our ancestors and the way we are taught to behave and think and is programmed into our very DNA. Some religious belief systems call these generational curses. They are the "ties that bind".

So, how does one overcome these? Ihnna very skillfully and lovingly works with these subconscious thoughts. With her intuition, she helps you to bring these things one at a time to consciousness-exposing them-where they can be dealt with and laid to rest. Ihnna does this with humor and grace and with such love and respect for the person.

If you are stuck or floundering in your life or are experiencing an illness, you owe it to yourself to explore with Ihnna how that negative can be tapped and literally turned around to build instead of destroy, to mend instead of rend, and to learn to look at yourself with more understanding, love and appreciation. And, I thank Ihnna for this experience.

Barbara Sobat - Professional 
Ihnna has an amazing ability to guide you very gently to the source of what's blocking a more full expression of your life. Then, with the help of her oils and her quiet presence you are invited to acknowledge it and let it go. I had a profound experience of connection with myself at a certain point in my life and Ihnna had only said one word! She instructed me in the use of the oils for myself and she's exactly right when she says one drop-one minute. It's very helpful to take one minute in the middle or at the end of the day after work to use the oil and breath. The oils as well as Ihnna's insight and gentle spirit take you out of your head and into your heart where real connection and change can happen - it can be like months or even years of therapy!

Martha Graves - Professional 
I had been feeling down and disconnected for several days, crying one day out of frustration at not knowing how to pull out of it. I couldn’t pinpoint any particular reason for my “slump,” as I was usually an upbeat, happy person. I had just received the Nabie (Transformation) oil, so I thought I would try it as recommended: one drop on my wrists for one minute. I loved the scent and within minutes, felt an immediate but subtle shift in my energy and attitude. I willingly began to exercise (something I usually procrastinate doing for as long as possible), which “pumped up” my physical energy for the rest of the day. My mind began filling with all sorts of creative ideas I wanted to accomplish, as I set about having a busy and fulfilling day. My previous feelings of “drowning in the blahs” have not yet returned and I feel as though I’ve gotten my life back on track again.

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