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Stevie Templet - Professional 
I have tried different oils and know they are truly significant to everyday life and life situations. Jung and norae are two of my favorites. Lavender has been a great help to me. Your website mentioned that these oils are not geared for insomnia, however this one has aided in helping me to relax my mind enough to be able to go to sleep.

Thank you

Karen Morgan - Professional 
Thank you so very much for healing my shoulder and changing my life. The best thing about my attending the conference in Indiana in August of 2007 was meeting you! I was diagnosed with a torn rotator cuff on my right shoulder in May, 2004. I lived with the shoulder problem for more than a year before seeing a doctor. I kept thinking it would get better, the shoulder went from being a little sore to being sore and uncomfortable almost all of the time, no matter what I was doing, even resting. My shoulder was barely supporting my arm and every movement was uncomfortable. X-rays and an MRI confirmed the diagnosis. During 2004 and 2005 I received physical therapy on the shoulder, which did relieve the discomfort somewhat only the shoulder never fully healed. I tried taking supplements, resting the shoulder, and doing the prescribed exercises. Some days my arm just wouldn't stop aching, and I can't remember a single day where my shoulder didn't hurt for part or all of the day.

Then, I met you at a retreat in Indiana in August of 2007. I knew you were special, every time we talked my entire self ... body, mind, and spirit ... all leapt for joy. You worked on my shoulder for just a few minutes and whallah!, all better!!! On that day I regained full flexibility of my right shoulder and I can once again scratch my own back, reach to fix my hair, drive without soreness, and hold my grandchildren for as long as I want. Most importantly, since that day I have never felt any pain or discomfort.

Not only did I meet a new best friend in Indiana, but also my heart linked with a true healer. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for befriending me, for helping me, for bringing me back to health, and giving me the freedom that having full use of my arm allows.

Lots of Love, Karen

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